Steam injection utensil washer, with optional inbuilt softener, exhaust and heat recovery system.


  • Choice of 4 wash/rinse programmes (150, 280 & 400 seconds plus continuous)

Ease of operation

  • Front loading with counter balanced split door or pass through options available.
  • Side wash system and supports handles up to 8 x GN pans per cycle.
  • SMARTRONIC control allows filling, cycle start and draining to be activated by just one button.
  • Unique colour coded display with countdown cycle status indication.
  • Strainer sensor prevents operation if filters not correctly located.
  • Selectable Hygiene cycle which deep cleans the wash chamber, wash system and filters.

Consistently outstanding wash results

  • GENIUS X2removes 20-40% more food soil from the wash water, keeping the water cleaner and saving on detergent costs.
  • Optional built in softener available on most models.
  • Heavy duty 2.7kW wash pumps (x 2 on ‘T’ models) provide a powerful yet balanced wash action delivering excellent and consistent results.
  • Accurate internal detergent and rinse dosing equipment with low level indication as standard.

Energy saving features

  • Optional drain heat recovery saves up to 6kW of energy per hour offering savings of at least £600 p.a. (based on 50 cycles/day).
  • Optional Exhaust Heat Recovery eliminates steam escape and could save up to £350 p.a. in energy costs (based on 50 cycles/day).
  • Pass through models feature 4-sided hood which reduces steam and heat loss and saves energy.
  • Smooth operation allows easy raising and lowering of the hood (up to 50% less effort required compared to other models on the market).
  • ‘ Stand by’ position allows hood to be lowered without starting a new cycle.