Introducing the technologically advanced FX and PREMAX FP Undercounter Dishwashers.

The unique pre-wash, wash and rinse is standard on all models whilst PREMAX models feature the INTENSIV 4 system with active drying cycle, dedicated cutlery programme with steam and Vaporinse which reduces water consumption to just 1.0ltr per cycle!

FX and PREMAX FP take dishwashing technology to a new dimension, light years ahead of any other undercounter machine on the market.

OPTISOFT: Inbuilt automatic softener.

Equipment Selection Guide

  • To get the maximum output from your dishwasher choose the higher kW loading for cold water supply.
  • Always choose the in-built softener option when water hardness is above 6° Clarke.


  • Water supply flow pressure requirement to machine 0.6 bar to 6.0 bar (max).
  • Maximum water supply temperature 60°C.

Ease of operation

  • VISIOTRONIC allows filling, cycle start and draining to be activated by just one button.
  • Unique colour coded control clearly indicates the machine status and remaining cycle time.

Outstanding wash results

  • GENIUS X² with soil sensing removes 20-40% more debris from the wash water allowing wash tank capacity to be reduced to just 10.8 litres.
  • Saves up to 40% on detergent usage.
  • ACCURINSE uses just 2.0 litres of fresh water per cycle saving up to 30% on water, energy, detergent and rinse aid costs.
  • Clip-in wash and rinse arms allow easy removal and replacement.
  • Interlocked strainer prevents blockages and damage to the wash system.
  • 2 in 1 double racking increases capacity and flexibility.
  • USB interface allows quick and easy transfer of operational data via USB stick.
  • Integral chemical dosing system delivers precise amounts of detergent and rinse aid for perfect results and low costs.
  • COMPLETE hygiene programme which cleans and freshens wash chamber, wash system and filters.

Energy saving features

  • Hobart strives continuously to develop processes which reduce energy consumption and in turn reduce damaging CO2 emissions.
  • By utilising advanced technologies to reduce water consumption and by utilising water more efficiently, Hobart have been able to significantly lower the energy usage of the FX series.