Hydroline RO-IV, RO-I400 & RO-C Reverse Osmosis Systems

Achieve sparkling clean glasses and cutlery with the new Hydroline RO-IV, RO-I400 & RO-C reverse osmosis systems from Hobart.

Boost your kitchen efficiency and quality with the latest reverse osmosis technology, producing perfect streak-free glassware and cutlery every time.

The innovative Hydroline RO-IV, RO-I400 & RO-C systems produce both practical and financial benefits which include:

  • Save up to 30% in chemical usage
  • Removes the need for laborious hand polishing
  • Saves time and boosts kitchen efficiency
  • Low operation cost
  • Protects against limescale
  • Designed to operate with Hobart GC/GCP glasswashers (RO-I400 & RO-IV), FX/FP undercounter dishwashers (RO-IV) and high volume undercounter or hood machines (RO-C)

Glassware and cutlery is ready to use straight from the machine, and so the system is ideal for outlets such as high-end hotels, restaurants and bars that need a consistent supply of sparkling glasses to enhance their offering.

Due to the clever compact design, servicing on this Hydroline system can be carried out quickly and simply.

This system raises the bar in terms of the quality of glass and cutlery washing.

Device Number Description



RO-IV Vertical Free Standing Reverse Osmosis Water Treatment Unit for under counter dishwashers DWG SPEC
RO-I400 Integral Reverse Osmosis Water Treatment Unit for compact under counter glass washers DWG SPEC
RO-C Compact High Volume Reverse Osmosis Water Treatment Unit for high volume hood machines or under counter machines DWG SPEC